Vietnam War Soldier

Why Is It Important to Remember Soldiers Who Died Fighting for Their Country?

The tragedies of war are painful and long-lasting. Soldiers deal with death, PTSD, and when they come home, their lives are never the same. This is something we are all aware of. But when it comes to remembering the soldiers who risked their lives and ultimately died fighting for our country, not all of us take the time.

It’s important, however, to remember these soldiers. They allowed us the freedom and rights that we continue to enjoy today. While the historical facts of war have fascinated historians and non-historians alike for centuries, we must also remember the everyday folk who fought for what we have today.

One of the main reasons why we believe in remembering and honoring the soldiers who died fighting for our country is gratitude. They sacrificed themselves for what we get to enjoy safely and freely today.

Veteran flags in cemetary

However, even the soldiers who died in wars that today we consider wrong and unjust like the Vietnam War should be remembered, though perhaps for a different reason. While the soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War may have intended a very different result, we can look back on the war today as a lesson learned, however tragic and difficult that lesson might have been.

Wars are political, and remembering the soldiers who have fallen even in wars we regret and no longer consider good or just have something to tell us. Besides, the tragic loss of life is still worth remembering.

While there are indeed political reasons for remembering soldiers who died in wars, there are profound moral reasons to remember, too. One thing war teaches us about is human nature. They show us what exists within all people – empathy, strength, loyalty. But it also shows us suffering, brutality, and true horror. We are reminded that now only can these beautiful and terrible things happen to us, they happen because of us as well.

This, of course, is meant to make us aware of what we are all capable of. It’s incredibly important that we remember fallen soldiers because they remind us not only of human sacrifice and the fragility of life but because they also remind us of what every person is capable of, good or bad. Remembering and honoring this helps us to keep these dark parts inside all of us in check.

Soldier and children

We remember also to build strong communities with each other. Remembering the atrocities, tragedies, and traumas of war with each other help all of us as individuals remain close with each other. We build stronger bonds as we remember and honor together those who died fighting for our rights.

To remember these soldiers, we perform ceremonies, build memorials, and spend moments of silence. Different parts of the world perform these acts in different ways.

Vietnam Memorial