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What Are the Most Underutilized Veteran Benefits?

When you serve with the army, you are entitled to certain benefits when your period of serving is over. There are many benefits available to veterans, but some of them are often overlooked. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most underused veterans benefits, and why they’re so important.

Home Loans

Veterans Affairs backs or provides home loans for veterans. Whether you’re looking to purchase, build, or re-finance a home, VA has the resources to help you as a veteran. Your credit score and income will still matter when it comes to getting a loan, but your prospects could be significantly better if you seek these loans out through Veteran Affairs.

Plus, if you were injured during the time of your service, Veterans Affairs might be able to offer you disability housing grants. This means that any changes you need to make to your home so that it’s accessible could be covered by a grant from Veterans Affairs.

Aid for Caregivers

If you as a veteran require a caregiver, that person might be entitled to some benefits from Veterans Affairs as well. These benefits might include support helplines, support and mentoring from peers, mental health counseling to help them deal with the emotional struggles of caring for a veteran, and possibly financial aid, among other benefits.

If you are a veteran with a caregiver or are a caregiver yourself, be sure to check out some of the benefits you might be entitled to through Veterans Affairs.

GI Benefits

GI Benefits are benefits that help cover the costs of education. Graduate school, college, and training programs are all covered as part of GI Benefits. You can even potentially use these benefits to cover foreign education if you’re looking to go to school outside of the US.

College Military GI Benefits

Something else to be aware of and consider with your GI benefits is that they are transferable to your spouse or children. If you don’t use all of your GI benefits, it’s possible to transfer them to your spouse of children, so that they can use them instead.

Veteran children

Long-term Care Benefits

Anyone who has ever needed long-term care knows how expensive it is. However, as a veteran, you might be eligible to receive financial aid for long-term care. This benefit helps with costs associated with assisted living homes, nursing homes, and many other long-term care options.

Life Insurance

If you were injured during the time of your service, you may find it even more difficult to get life insurance than it already is for most veterans. There are insurance programs, however, that do offer life insurance to those who have served our country, even if they’ve sustained an injury. These programs often offer competitive premium rates, too.

Veterans might also be entitled to receiving career counseling after their period of service is up. This is incredibly helpful, as some do find it difficult to choose a path or find a job after they’ve finished serving the military.

Career counseling is helpful for this reason. Be careful with this benefit, however, as you have to apply for it within a certain timeframe or you lose the opportunity. If this is a benefit you’re interested in, you’ll have from 6 months before your separation from the military to up to a year after your separation to apply and receive these benefits.

Veterans Pension Program

This is an important benefit to know about if you are 65 years old or over, or if you meet certain disability requirements. To be eligible for this benefit, you must have served in the military during wartime, and at present have little or no income. You must also not have received a dishonorable discharge, as this will most likely remove your ability to receive this benefit.

Death Benefits

This is a difficult benefit to think about, but that doesn’t make it any less important. When a family member who is a veteran dies, the family of that veteran might have a few benefits available to them. They may be able to request a US flag to be draped over the casket. They might also be able to ask for something called a Presidential Memorial Certificate to be provided as a way of honoring their service.

Navy funeral and casket

Also, you should be aware that the Department of Veterans Affairs also provides grave markers and headstones free of charge for veterans.

Serving in the military is an honorable thing to do. It shows a dedication to one’s country and the people who live in it and demonstrates the bravery and commitment of the individuals who serve in it. There are plenty of benefits available to veterans, but not all of these benefits are utilized. It’s important to know what’s available to you, as a veteran so that you can take advantage of these benefits.