How Do You Honor a Fallen Soldier?

The tragedies and difficulties of war are painful and difficult. When a family member, friend, or loved one joins in a war effort, we hope and pray that they will come home to us. Sometimes they do. Many times, they do not. Visit our Sponsor:  Granbury Asphalt Paving

When they do not return to us, we find ways to honor them. Honoring those we have lost is an important part of grieving. Whether you’re trying to do this on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or just in your day-to-day life, there are plenty of ways to honor a fallen soldier.

One wonderful way of honoring a soldier who has died fighting for his country is by donating money to organizations dedicated to helping veterans of war. These organization help support those who were able to return home. They provide scholarships to families of soldiers, help military families reconnect with each other, and provide voices for service members and their families. These organizations also help support veterans with medical and mental health support, and provide opportunities and resources to help them heal from the traumas of war.

Donating to these organizations means you’re helping those who were able to return from serving their country heal, an incredibly noble effort.

On Memorial Day, you can also join your fellow countrymen in observing the national moment of silence. This occurs at 3:00pm, and is a moment where we reflect on the sacrifices soldiers have made for our freedom. Remembering is one of the most important ways to honor fallen soldiers. It ensures that we don’t forget what they’ve given us, and that their memory remains in our hearts.

You can attend local celebrations on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. There are usually parades and memorial celebrations that take place, as a way of honoring all those who served in wars. These ceremonies are wonderful ways for us to think about and honor the soldiers who died fighting for our country. They are also great opportunities to connect with local veterans, who will be able to tell stories and provide information that will help you learn more about the best ways to remember and honor soldiers both living and dead.

You should also consider volunteering your time. There are likely plenty of organizations in your area that are committed to helping veterans of war and their families. Hospitals and homeless shelters are great first contacts, as many of them need the help of volunteers.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to honor a fallen soldier on a national holiday like Memorial Day or Veterans Day, or these days have long passed and you’re just looking for other ways to honor fallen soldiers, visiting a cemetery is another way. Many cemeteries will hold ceremonies on Memorial Day and Veterans Day, but these aren’t the only days you can visit for this purpose. Bring flowers or a wreath with you, and lay them on the graves of soldiers who fell fighting for the country.

Wearing a red poppy is another popular way of honoring fallen soldiers. The tradition of wearing or displaying in some form a red poppy comes from a well-known poem written by soldier John McCrae during the First World War. “In Flanders Fields” describes the poppies growing on the graves of dead soldiers. This image clearly stuck with McCrae as well as the readers of his poem, and for decades since the red poppy has become a symbol used to honor fallen soldiers around the world.

Finally, another way to honor those who died fighting for our freedom is by writing letters of thanks to members of the military, both past and present. Organizations like A Million Thanks receive letters from every day people like you thanking service members for everything they’ve done. If you’d like to honor a fallen soldier, writing a letter of thanks to active members of the military, as well as those in the reserve and veteran members is a wonderful, heartfelt way to do that.

Losing a family member or loved one to war is a difficult thing. The process of grieving is long and complicated, and will change us forever. While it will never be possible to have that person back with us physically, there are always ways to honor them.

So take a look into donations you can provide to organizations committed to helping veterans heal from the physical and emotional toils of war. Wear a red poppy on Memorial Day to signify that you’re thinking of and remembering the soldiers who have fallen. Start volunteering at your local hospitals and homeless shelters, attend Memorial Day and Veterans Celebrations, write letters, and visit the graves of fallen soldiers.

And most importantly, make a promise to yourself to never forget the freedoms that these soldiers have died protecting and that we continue to enjoy today.

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