How Has the US Helped Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria?

After the 9/11 bombings in the US, the already rising tensions between the United States, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan reached a climax. Since then, these tensions have waxed and waned, and all sides have been criticized and championed for various reasons.

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Throughout it all, though, the US has provided aid relief to all of these countries. Though the relationships between them all are complicated and fraught, the United States has been able to provide help in many ways to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

The main source of aid in Afghanistan has been financial aid. The United States has given the Afghanistan government billions of dollars which have been used in Afghanistan to strengthen borders, and provide something called the New Development Partnership, or NDP. This program was created to provide accelerated development within Afghanistan, as well as to strengthen the United States’ relationship with Afghanistan.

The United States also left troops in Afghanistan in order to help the country better fight the insurgency of the Taliban. They have also offered civilian assistance which is meant to establish sustainable educational, health, and other public institution services meant to strengthen Afghanistan as a whole.

In terms of the United States’ assistance for Iran, the US has been committed to helping strengthen Iran’s democracy. The United States has worked to provide access to unbiased information for the citizen of Iran, work towards an increased awareness of human rights, and reduce the amounts of corruption within the Iranian government. In turn, all of these changes will bring about new opportunities for Iranians in the academic and professional worlds, while strengthening their culture as a whole.

Syria is another country that has experienced a significant amount of strife. They have also been heavily affected by ISIS. Widely considered the most complicated and largest humanitarian conflict of our time, Syria has spent many years struggling with ISIS as well as its own government. Millions of Syrian citizens have been displaced, and still more require humanitarian aid.

The United States has been committed to providing the assistance Syrian citizens need. United States Aid or USAID has provided a number of stabilization programs within Syria. These programs are meant to help and, as the name implies, stabilize a number of sectors including essential services, the economy, and the government. The stabilization programs usually work in unison with humanitarian aid and relief. This allows immediate humanitarian aid to be provided, while also supporting long term growth, development, and implementation of the various sectors that the stabilization programs help.

Other ways that the United States have helped the conflict in Syria is by working directly with the International Syria Support Group. The goal is to create a political transition which would allow for a democratic, uncorrupted government to be formed in Syria. They also work towards achieving a ceasefire.

The United States has put itself and its troops and humanitarian aid workers in incredibly dangerous and risky situations. Because the conflict in Syria is so large, so complex, and so frightening, however, these risks have been deemed necessary. It’s important that the Syrian people receive the resources that organizations like USAID is able to provide. This includes food, medical supplies, water, shelter, sanitary supplies, and many others.

By providing these supplies and working to intervene in the Syrian conflict, the United States is helping pave the way for a more peaceful existence for the citizens of Syria. Once this is achieved, it will allow the Syrian people more freedom in their everyday lives, and they will be able to grow economically, politically, and socially.

The most important aspect of the US government’s commitment to aiding Syria is its relationships with other nations. Helping Syria is a greater challenge than the United States can face on its own, and so building relationships with other nations committed to seeing the eradication of ISIS is of utmost importance. These relationships have proven and continue to prove themselves to be instrumental when it comes to aiding Syria. Providing other aid, and maintaining positive relationships with other nations allows the United States as well as all those who are also part of the International Syria Support Group to work together in ways that are positive and impactful.

Wars, and the relationships between countries’ governments as well as the relationships between governments are their own citizens are complex. Bring other sources of conflict into the mix like the Taliban and ISIS, and it only creates more difficulty and strife. The United States has long been committed to providing humanitarian work to countries in need. This includes Afghanistan, who have received financial aid, Iran, where the US has worked tirelessly to ensure a strengthened democracy, and Syria, where the United States has provided more humanitarian aid than any other country.

In times of war and difficulty, it’s important to come together. Ultimately, what makes the United States strong is its relationships with other countries. We must continue to keep these relationships strong, to help those in need, and to do it all tirelessly.

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