What Are Common Myths About Why People Join the Military?

Joining the military is a huge decision for those who choose to join. There are plenty of factors that go into making the choice to serve one’s country. Some of them are obvious, like feeling a call to action to help protect the freedoms we get to enjoy. There are, however some common myths that those not in the military may have about why people choose to join the military. Today we’ll discuss and debunk these myths, and talk about the real reasons why people join. Love what we write? Visit the article sponsor – Arlington, TX Asphalt Paving

People Join the Military Because They Are Less Educated

This is an extremely common myth. Many people believe that those joining the military lack education. This, however, couldn’t be further than the truth.

In fact, a higher percentage of those in the military hold a high school diploma than the general population as a whole. Perhaps another angle this myth comes from is that of higher education. While it’s true that not many people who join the military hold college or university degrees, this isn’t because they aren’t smart or educated.

It turns out that a huge reason why people join the military today is because of the GI Bill. This bill allows those serving the military to seek out and get college degrees after they have served the military for free. Joining the military is incredibly beneficial education-wise, and it’s a huge draw for those who want post-secondary degrees and diplomas.

People Join the Military Because They Are Poor

Again, much like the myth that soldiers joining the military are uneducated, many people believe that most people in the military do so because they are poor. In actuality, most people joining the military are comfortably middle class.

Why is this? It’s hard to say, exactly, but it most likely has to do with the above point—education. Joining the military requires a high school diploma, GED, or an equivalent. People in poorer neighborhoods are more likely to lack this requirement than people in wealthier neighborhoods.

And it’s worth thinking about the connection to education in another way. People who are middle class may not be able to afford the rising costs of college-level education. At the same time, they might not qualify for scholarships and other forms of student aid based on income. Joining the military allows these people to get the higher education they’re looking for.

Young Offenders Are Likely to Join the Military

Another very common myth is that young delinquents are attracted to the military as a good alternative for their current lifestyle.

The truth is that many youthful offenders are barred from joining the military. While it is possible to join the military with a criminal record, the military’s current screening standards actually keep a lot of young offenders from joining.

The military holds a high standard for those joining. Moral character is of the utmost importance, so anyone who might cause disciplinary problems or security risks will be barred from joining.

The military also holds a responsibility for the parents of those enlisting. As a parent, you wouldn’t want your child close to anyone who could potentially be a danger. The military is committed to ensuring the peace of mind of families with members in the military, and this is one way of doing it.

People Who Join the Military Are More Likely to Come from Urban Areas

People from urban areas are actually underrepresented in the military. Most of the people serving the military come from city suburbs and other rural areas.

Reasons Why People Do Join the Military

Now that we’ve covered and debunked a few common myths about why people join the military, let’s talk about why people do join.

One of the most popularly cited reasons to join the military is because people feel a sense of duty to serve and protect their country. A sense of patriotism is a real push to join the military.

Another very common reason is travel. While there are some obvious locations servicemen will be sent to, the US has military bases around the word. This include locations in Germany, Japan, and Poland. Even traveling within the US can be an exciting and rewarding adventure for people joining for travel reasons.

While there are almost endless reasons to join the military, we’ll end with this one. Lots of people choose to join in order to learn a skill or trade. Joining the military isn’t just about fighting. There are plenty of careers within the military to choose from that will translate to life outside the military as well. This includes construction and engineering, interpretation and translation, and even financial management.

When it comes to joining the military, there are almost endless myths about why people do it. There are also plenty of very good reasons why people do choose to join. Ultimately, joining the military should be an eye-opening experience, and one that should allow you other opportunities outside of it too.

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