Official Admits She Let Vets Die March 23, 2016



Official Admits She Let Vets Die


Pending Claims Go Ignored

Job Protection Trumps Vet Care

Alabama Still Collecting Tax for Confederate Vets


Vet Black-Arm-Band Day – 3/23/16


Code Talker Laid to Rest


Coming Home


Soldiers Memorial Fund

The purpose of SMF is to memorialize PFC Scott Vallely and his service to our country – to carry on his name by individuals making contributions and donations to Veterans, Members of the Armed Forces and their families.  We are a 501 (c)(3) tax deductible organization.

Vet News

Pending Claims Go Ignored

The Department of Veterans Affairs confirmed Monday that it failed to contact 545,000 of the more than 800,000 veterans, who have applications for health care pending, that their applications are incomplete.  Nearly 300,000 of them died with pending claims.  Veterans Today

Editor’s note:  It seems ignoring pending claims is standard operating procedure for the VA.  Ignore the claim, maybe it will go away.

Union Jobs Trump Veteran Care

A plan to merge military and veterans hospitals is in jeopardy because the restructuring was based solely on nobody losing their job.  The combined facility failed to achieve cost savings because a federal employees union demanded not a single worker be laid off.  The Daily Caller

Editor’s note:  Once again, our veterans take a back seat to special interest politics.


Official Admits She Let Vets Die 

Former federal employee union president, Germaine Clarno admitted that she knew about misconduct within the VA, but failed to bring it to the attention of leaders in Congress because Clarno, a lifetime Democrat, did not want to deal with Republicans.    Chicks on the Right


Editor’s note:  Apparently, dealing with Republicans was more abhorrent than allowing veterans to die.  This haunting tale of regret is at least the second case of people connected with the VA unions who admit that they did not speak up about life and death issues because the idea of talking to a Republican was too distasteful.  This is a sickening comment on how bad partisan politics has become.  And our veterans are taking the brunt of it. Shameful.

Good thing Germaine Clarno was not “there” to begin with:


In this photo provided by the U.S. Navy, lining the deck of a landing craft at the dock at Anzio, Italy wounded American troops, casualties from the fierce battle for the Bridgehead, lie on litters awaiting transfer to a hospital ship offshore, Feb. 28, 1944. (AP Photo/U.S. Navy)


Medal of Honor Recipient


March 1, 2016.  Navy SEAL Edward Byers received the Medal of Honor for his role in rescuing an American civilian being held hostage by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. CNN

Coming Home


Hannah and Buddy  

Courtesy of Hannah Foraker/UTube

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Alabama Still Collecting Tax for Confederate Vets


Despite fire-and-brimstone opposition to taxes among many in a state that still has “Heart of Dixie” on its license plates, officials never stopped collecting a property tax that once funded the Alabama Confederate Soldiers’ Home, which closed 72 years ago.  Associated Press

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Vets Black-Arm-Band-Day for PTSD is Wednesday, March 23

Leave No Soldier Behind


Code Talker Laid to Rest


January 19, 2016–Pallbearers escort the casket of Ernest Yazhe at the Utah Veterans Memorial Park in Bluffdale, Utah.  To his friends, he was just Ernie. To the nation, Ernest Yahze was a hero, part of an elite group of Marines known as Code Talkers, who in World War II transmitted battlefield messages in an unbreakable Navajo-based radio code.

The Deseret News



From the movie “The Windtalkers”



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Military service is no cake walk…and we are not just referring to war.


Those who have children who are serving, or who are spouses of one who is in service, understand first hand the hardships that military families endure.  The separation from family and the possible financial difficulties that ensue are all too common themes.


Everything is not “free” for the families of those who serve.  Amenities, such as housing and healthcare, are not necessarily fully covered, and if made available, the cost can be beyond the reach of the average soldier’s income. When deployed, many of those who have “stepped up” find themselves sliding backward financially with promises of expense re-imbursement which could take months.  When financial pressures escalate, families can separate or dissolve.

The Scott Vallely Soldiers Memorial Fund seeks to assist in identifying and helping service men and women and their families who are in financial need and also in linking up veterans with support services of which they may not be aware.

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