Vet Tries to Make Doctor’s Appointment

Army veteran, Dennis Magnasco spent two days trying to make a doctor’s appointment at his VA clinic in Bedford, MA but couldn’t get anyone to come to the phone.  So, it was decided to film the never ending not-so-merry-go-round process.  Huffington Post
Please watch this compelling video…

 Editor’s note:  If you will notice, the vet ends up at the same place he started, “Hello, welcome to the Bedford VA.”
Terminally Ill Vet Says VA Abandoned Him
SGT. John Marshall, diagnosed with terminal cancer says VA denied him benefits due, in part, to missed appointments while he was hospitalized for pneumonia and battling PTSD.  Highly decorated combat vet says his terminal cancer can be traced to the time spent over burn pits in Iraq where everything from IEDs to batteries were burned.  Fox News
Editor’s note:  Too bad this veteran lacks the ability to be in two places at the same time.
Veteran Fired After Confronting Robbers
Store Manager, Joe Morici, has been fired from CVS Pharmacy in Beltsville, MD for stopping shoplifters.  Robbers attempted to assault Mr. Morici with large screwdriver.  Washington Times
Editor’s note:  Apparently it is against company policy to stop a crime or defend yourself.  Our vet obviously acted out of his instinct to protect.  Well done!